Sacramento Optimization

Many websites are built without understanding the need of the business owners or how the internet works. If your site isn’t bringing people to you, you need to find out “Why?”.

What is the free evaluation?

It is a frank look at your website that will uncover your SEO signature, your Social Media impact, and discover if you’re up to date with current design parameters.

What do we do?

We do more than just build websites. We build online continuity, a way to bring people to you. From print and distribution, to building your ranking on Google, we create a flow of business.

How do we do it?

Anyone who can talk to you about your website without talking to you is trying to sell you something. In order to understand how your website will bring you people we need to know a little about your business. We sit down, learn about what you do, and we offer solutions. When you’re done you’ll know where the problems are and have options to fix them.

What Level of Business are you at?

To figure out exactly what level of website you’ll need, you are going to have give an honest and stern evaluation of your business. There are many who feel they need online shops and heavy SEO but can’t afford them and in an attempt to save money, try to do it themselves. Often this can be disastrous, and do more damage than good for your company.
  • Powerhouse Pro
  • You do all the work, you get all of the jobs. From doing the taxes, to sweeping the floor's, to the day to day operations, you're the powerhouse of your business.
  • Marketing Focus
  • You don’t need to worry about the first page on Google, or any long term expensive marketing You should focus on social media, local networks, and print materials
  • Availble Add-Ons
  • • Website Content Architecture
  • • Social Media set up
  • • SEO Listings
  • • Widget installs
  • • SEO and Metadata set up
  • Choose
  • Business Edge
  • You are doing regular work, but its more than a single person can handle. You’ve gotten help and are able to pay them, but the profits aren’t big yet. We can help.
  • Marketing Focus
  • You need a fuller more robust website that has increased content pages for better page ranking. Focus on both Social Media and ongoing SEO to help expand your business
  • Available Add-Ons
  • • Composite Video
  • • Digital Brochure
  • • Shopping Cart
  • • Social Media campaign set up
  • • SEO and Metadata set up
  • Choose
  • Business Advantage
  • You have a pipeline of regular work, a good work force and you know ins-and-outs with all the paper work. Often you have manager’s working with a number of individuals.
  • Marketing Focus
  • Not a website as much as an ongoing program that continually brings clients and grows business. Regular blog posts, page creation and coordinated marketing plans
  • Available Add-Ons
  • • Social Media Campaign set-up
  • • SEO Campaign set-up
  • • Shopping Cart
  • • Custom Widgets
  • • SEO and Metadata set up
  • Choose

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